The History of Bicycle Day

RBC Deep Ellum in Dalls

On April 19th, 1943, Albert Hofmann took the world's first intentional dose of LSD-25 and, due to wartime restrictions on automobile travel, rode his bicycle home from his laboratory, setting in motion events that would lead the industrialized world to a reawakening through exploration of mind-altering substances that'd previously only been explored by indigenous and shamanic cultures.

In the years since, Psychedelic Culture has bloomed. The psychedelic awakening of unity and the core principle of embodying good to bring about good has been a core principle in the psychedelic experience and led to the growth of an international network of beings seeking to steer the world towards understanding and biodiversity and away from destructive trends towards militarism and ecological collapse.

At Bicycle Day SF, we seek to amplify that signal and broadcast that vibration, honoring the Good Doctor and all of those who followed in his footsteps, as well as push the envelope with new technologies that seek to entertain, inspire and evoke conscious evolution.

Psychedelic Culture has been called the family of light, and those that get it, understand. The idea of union and a collective good is a core principle in the psychedelic experience. A feeling of connection, good vibes, and deeper understanding is part of the trip. We embrace that and once again we celebrate the Good Doctor, Albert Hofmann and the bicycle ride that changed the world.

Let's get these cycles in gear!

Bicycle Day 2022... we are all in this together.