Artist Line Up
Legion of Bloom Music & The Midway SF Present
Desert Dwellers
Axel Thesleff
Living Light
Tara Brooks
Shawna Hofmann (KMLN)
Chocolate Sush
Little John
Syd Gris
Visuals by:
Microdose VR
The Art of Android Jones
Johnathan Singer
Art Gallery & Live Painting curated by Tribe 13
Blotter Print Museum by Mark McCloud &
the Institute of Illegal Images
Psychedelic Relics from Shakedown Gallery
Visionary Floral Sculpting by Anthony Ward
~ Performers ~ Live Art ~ Local Vendors ~ Interactive Installations ~
Music from 9pm - 3am
“The Bicycle Day Discovery Sessions”
Daytime conferences and Panel discussions from Noon - 5:30pm
Combo & VIP tickets available at
San Francisco
Tuesday, April 19th, 2022, the Midway SF, 900 Marin St.
Get Your Tickets
April 19, 2022

Desert Dwellers
Axel Thesleff
Living Light

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Frequently Asked Questions
I'm having issues with my ticket. Who can I reach out to?

What does my VIP ticket include?

Expedited entry, complimentary coat check, complimentary sushi, access to the themed private access lounge & bar.

What are the set times?

We will release the set times closer to the event. Please keep an eye on our socials and your emails!

Is Fresh Start ADA accessible?

Yes. The Midway is ADA accessible. If you have additional concerns please reach out to and we will do our best to accommodate.

Is this an indoor or outdoor event?

Both. There will be multiple indoor and outdoor stages.

When is the event?

This is a three day event that begins on New Years Eve 12/31/21 until 01/02/22.

What are the event hours?
  • Friday, 5pm-3am
  • Saturday 10am-10pm
  • Sunday, 12pm-10pm
Where is the event?

The Midway SF. 900 Marin Street, San Francisco CA

Is there parking?

We highly recommend using rideshare apps. There is limited parking nearby the festival, but these spaces will fill up quickly.